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The nation’s wind farms perform at their best during the spring and theirworst during the mid-to-late summer, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).This variability stems from the fact that wind patterns vary not only by region, but also by the time of the year. In turn, the amount of power generated by wind farms can change considerably from season to season.

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Thanks for this write up, it’s a nice summary on Google Wave.

Repliers here and on other websites don’t seem to realize what’s possible with Wave. Hell, even I haven’t been able to fully understand where the limit is to what Wave can do. But basically it will be next way of communicating. I imagine it like this:

You have a business which runs it’s own wave server (much like most businesses run their own e-mail servers). On this wave server you do all the communication/collaboration stuff: you share documents (and write them up), do the messaging (like we used to do e-mail and IM), etc. This is much like Microsoft Exchange (which, btw, is usually selfhosted by companies – not run on Microsoft servers) and other Microsoft products like Sharepoint.

But where Exchange and Sharepoint stop at the border of an organization (due to propriety protocols, for instance), wave is as an open protocol as e-mail is: now you e-mail everyone (doesn’t matter whether they are inside or outside the organization), with Wave you will collaborate and communicate with everyone.

But it goes further: it will do all your internet-communication. Your communication on blogs and forums (like replying) will also be available in wave. Eventually wave will be your way to communicate to all kind of different services. And at some point it will probably replace a lot of the ‘older’ services like e-mail, IM and Twitter as well, just because wave can do this (and do this better).

A small example: e-mail (SMTP) was build on a basis of trust (like a lot of the old internet protocols), people never imagined it being abused like it is today (94% of all e-mail is spam). This was never imagined because the amount of spam in our snailmail is not as much; to bad that ‘they’ didn’t think that the Internet would be such a big thing these days and that sending e-mail is so easy a widely spread ;). Wave is developed with the knowledge we have today: we look at the internet in a much different way and it’s fully incorporated into our lives; spam will probably be a thing of the past.

Now don’t worry about Google going for world domination, this will all be released open source (all of it: the client, the server). People can even write up their own wave servers, as long as they use the protocol thought of by Google. This is the same as with e-mail. And yes, if you don’t communicate with users on Google’s own wave platform then Google will never know you’re even using wave (exactly the same as Google doesn’t know your e-mail address if you’ve never e-mailed to a Gmail user).

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on October 16, 2009 at 3:55 am said:

We just released another robot and gadget for Google Wave.

James Cohen , Director, Programmes and Engagement at Transparency Canada

James Cohen

@JamesCohen82 #3 —#TRFinRiskCanada40

“Co-operation is essential, many initiatives have already demonstrated success.”

Neira Jones , Advisor and speaker on information security, payments, risk, fraud, and digital innovation

Neira Jones

@neirajones #7 — #TRRiskUK30

“Absolutely! The closer regulators work with industry the more effective and enforceable the regulations.”

David Doughty , Corporate governance expert and business mentor

David Doughty

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“When government and the private sector trusts each other, this tends to produce great results. Think of global geopolitical conflicts around the world.”

Phil Siarri , Innovation research expert and founder of

Phil Siarri

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“Makes a difference, but is it enough? Criminals don’t have to worry about rights, laws, privacy etc, so they are able to develop new criminal schemes much more quickly. Responding and counteracting by law-abiding entities takes time…”

Anu Sood , Director of Product and Corporate Marketing, CaseWare Analytics

Anu Sood

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Learn how World-Check can help you meet your regulatory obligations and make informed decisions

“Make it someone’s responsibility — it is too easy for financial institutions, regulators, governments, and police to shrug their shoulders and blame someone else.”

“First thing is that government has to devote resources to fighting these crimes. A story yesterday said lack of police and prosecution resources in the UK caused white collar prosecutions to fall by 6 percent to 7,786 in 2017. There were 273,600 fraud cases in 2017.”

“Good, clean and combined client data is important for many regulatory (e.g MiFID II) as well as #fightfinancialcrime requirements, and yet it still often is not given the correct priority.”

John Cant , Financial sector consultant and market commentator

John Cant

@john_cant #23 — #TRRiskUK30

“Fundamentally, it involves having the right data at your disposal. Either from within the organization or using external data providers and combining the two in order to provide a complete picture of who you are doing business with.”

“Transparency and free press is the best tool against corruption.”

Sergio Caltagirone , Director, Threat Intelligence and Analytics at Dragos

This is Evermore, opening in Utah later this year.

Josh Shipley with Marvel’s Stan Lee

Blooloop caught up with Chief Creative Officer of the Finishline Cheap Price printed culottes Grey Uma Discount Cheap Online To Buy niXN1XEQvo
, Josh Shipley , veteran Disney Imagineer.
He spoke about his creative evolution and Evermore, a park which blurs the line between video games, fantasy, and real life.

ground-breaking phenomenon Josh Shipley Aiming for the theme park-stars

Shipley grew up in Southern California; Shop Offer For Sale 2018 Unisex For Sale frayed hem jeans Blue Rachel Comey Clearance Release Dates Sale Many Kinds Of Pictures Sale Online xYHj2fy
was his playground.
He says: “I always thought, when I’m old enough, I’m going to get a job at Disneyland.” In the longer term, he imagined his future would lie in the community theatre run by his parents just outside Los Angeles. “But the summer before my senior year in high school, the theatre was taking a toll on my dad’s health, and he sold it, and they moved to Utah.”


By now, Shipley had become enamoured with theme park development, and, even in Utah, considered a career at Disney. He explains: “The theatrical side intrigued me to the point where a trip to Disneyland meant observing staging, lighting and sound cues and pavement blends.”

His chance came two years after the move to Utah, with a college program set up between Disneyland and Walt Disney World.“The program came through interviewing for Florida. I was accepted, and as a result in 1992, I went out to Walt Disney World. I worked out there at what was then the Disney M.G.M. Studios.”After a period on The Great Movie Ride, a dark ride, he began interviewing with Feature Animation in Burbank, California.


Shipley’s 21-year career with Imagineering began with fireproofing backdrops. It also culminated in his being the point man on Marvel for the Story and Franchise Development team at WaltDisney Imagineering .

WaltDisney Imagineering

He comments: “No two people have the same story about how they started. It’s usually out of left field. If you can embrace anything, you don’t wait for somebody to make you a show writer or a creative director; you come in and fireproof backdrops, and before you know it, you’re painting dinosaurs.”

In Shipley’s case, because he enjoyed tinkering with Photoshop, painting dinosaurs led to a role building digital show production for Imagineering. This continued willingness to be open to experience, plus a prescient creative vision, then led him into 2018 Unisex 7/8length stretch trousers Super Skinny ecrubeige female Taifun Discount From China Aaa Quality Cheapest SbmZQt4RG
“I had that theatre side that understood staging, and I also had the Disney knowledge. As a result, I was welcomed into a lot of brainstorming sessions with Tony Baxter and Bruce Gordon .”

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May 8th, 2018 at 1:45 PM
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After a bit of a dry opening, Google has picked up the pace at its I/O 2018 keynote with the reveal of new voices, new features and new functionality for Google Assistant. First of all, Google announced that it will make use of its WaveNet system to introduce six new voices for the Assistant, each of which sound more natural than the standard voice. And once of those new voices will be John Legend’s, in case you want to talk to a celebrity in your home.

After revealing that Google Assistant will be available in 30 countries and 80 languages by the end of the year, Scott Huffman,VP of Engineering, showed off a new feature called Continued Conversation. When the new feature arrives, you will only have to say “Hey Google” once, and you can converse naturally from there.

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Two other features that will make conversations with Google Assistant more natural are called Multiple Actions and Pretty Please. Multiple Actions means that you can ask Google Assistant complicated, multi-part questions, and it will understand how to separate the answers. For example, if you ask “What is the weather and who do the Cavaliers play tonight?,” you’ll receive two individual responses, back to back.

Pretty Please is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than demanding your computerized assistant around, you can now say “please” and “thank you” as you would to a real person, and Google Assistant will understand. Google positioned this as a good way to teach kids manners rather than having them shout demands.

Google also showed off a redesigned Google Assistant UI for the smartphone, bringing full-screen results to your phone’s display when you ask Google Assistant a question. In the demo, Google’sLilian Rincon asked the assistant who Camila Cabello was, adjusted the temperature in her living room, and even placed an order at Starbucks. You can swipe up at any time with the new mobile Assistant to see a rundown of your day. It’ll be available on Android this summer and iOS before the end of the year, but no specific dates were shared.

Finally, after showing off Google Assistant in Google Maps (also coming this summer), Pichai returned to the stage to share the most impressive demo of the day. Dubbed “Google Duplex,” the upcoming feature for Google Assistant will allow users to tell their assistant to make an appointment for them, at which point Google Assistant will make the call itself and talk to the person on the other line . It is both terrifying and incredible impressive.




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