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I don’t think we should necessarily dismiss these judgments – rather, we must hold them up to the light. If we do so, and they hold up, then we should take them to indicate that we really can be required to do the impossible. But this has a troubling implication: if some situations lead to unavoidable moral wrongdoing, then we, as a society, should be careful not to put people in such situations. Giving people a choice might sound like it’s always a good thing to do, but giving a choice between two forms of moral failure is cruel.

Sometimes, it’s pure bad luck that puts someone in the position of having to choose between wrongdoings. However, much of the time, choice doesn’t take place in contexts that are shaped entirely accidentally. It takes place in social contexts. Social structures, policies, or institutions can produce outcomes that favour some groups of people over others in part by shaping what kinds of choices people get to – or have to – face. Members of some social groups might face mostly bad choices, in the sense that their choices are between alternatives, all of which are disadvantageous to them . But there’s another sense in which the choices might be bad: these might be choices between alternatives, all of which make them fail in their responsibilities to others. The American Health Care Act, which was considered in the United States House and Senate, would have created moral dilemmas by offering people without high incomes – especially if they were also women, or old or sick – a range of bad options. It would have forced some parents to make choices between two equally unthinkable options, such as the ‘choice’ to sacrifice one child’s health care for another’s. This sort of forced choice would be similar in kind to the choice that the SS officer in Sophie’s Choice (1982) offered, when he told Sophie: ‘You may keep one of your children.’ The distinctive type of cruelty – making moral failure inevitable for someone – is the same.

No one can rightly be blamed for failing to care adequately for their family if it wasn’t possible for them to do so. But they may still take themselves to be required to do the impossible, and then judge themselves to have failed at this task. No one should be forced into this position. Not all situations that present these sorts of choices can be prevented – there’s always the possibility of bad luck – but at least we shouldn’t knowingly bring them about.

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by Lisa Tessman is forthcoming from Oxford University Press.

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Lisa Tessman

is a professor of philosophy at Binghamton University in New York State. Her latest book is Essential Top Pink and White Polka Dot by VIDA VIDA Buy Cheap Discounts Sale Professional qsAj3v1

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Shekhar Chandra

Building a recognizable brand that commands the respect you want to be associated with your name and your business takes time and strategic thinking. Although most new entrepreneurs (and many experienced ones that haven’t invested in understanding how important this is) think of their brand is their logo and maybe their color scheme.

Really your brand is YOU. It is whatever people think about when they think of you. If they easily recognize your logo and identify with your colors is a part of that. But it’s also how they feel they do a transaction with you and the experience they have with your organizations.

When I started the Black Business Initiative, the logo was the Black Power fist. I looooooove that symbol. But as I really began to tweak and improve the strategy of the organization, I soon realized that it wasn’t the best representation of what I envisioned. I also realized that as much as I love the Black Power fist, that some of us are turned off by it.It was important to me that I not alienate my base customer!

I went back to the drawing board and I researched and researched until I came up with the perfect symbol that spoke to myheart. Then came the tricky part. How to incorporate it intothe modern look and feel I knew the brand needed.

So what did I (and my amazing designer) come up with? Well…

Have you ever wondered what the B in the BBI logo means?

Oooooh I can’t wait to share!

The ribbed cut in the B is the leaf of a fern. It stands for the Adrinka symbol of AYA or “Fern.” It’s a symbol of endurance and resourcefulness.

What’s great about the brand is the simplistic and non-threatening design that beautifully wraps around an immensely powerful meaning hidden in plain sight.

As you continue to tweak and grow your brand, I want you to consider 3 things:

1 . You are not fully in control of your brand. In the words of Jeff Bezos, “Your brand is what people are saying about you when you are not in the room.”

2. Be consistent with the look and feel of your brand , all the way down to the experience you give your customers. Your brand is a representation of you and what you stand for.

3. Design for flexibility. Your brand image must be fluid and cross multiple mediums while staying recognizable.

As we grow, I hope that we are fulfilling our brand promise to you and making our symbolic B a staple in the Black business Community.

I’ll leave you with this, rebranding is not impossible, but it’s not ideal. And you certainly can’t do it successfully multiple times. So as you build your brand, be thinking about how you want to be seen in all you do. Be strategic. It matters.

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by Jice Johnson Comments Off on Be Recognizable: 3 Tips To Help You Build A Brand You’re Proud Of

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